Appreciating 2015

One of my favorites part about "Your Best Year 2016" is that reflection of 2015 is described as appreciation. Often times, it is so easy to look into the past and feel judgement, disappointment, and regret. Instead of reflecting and getting hung up on the negative, I am going to appreciate the past 365 days and learn from them. 

  • What was time very well spent this year? 
    • In business, time well spent was learning how to promote on social media, reading creative business blogs, and creating a consistent brand. In life, time well spent was learning new recipes, spending time with friends and family, and allowing time to relax when needed. 
  • What was money very well spent this year?
    • Let me preface this by saying shipping is the biggest pain in the butt when you introduce new products. I was spending an arm and leg on boxes! When I found the right kind of box and bought them in bulk, that was money very well spent. I also think the logo stamp and IKEA table I use in my office were good uses of our moolah. 
  • What are your favorite memories of 2015?
    • Hands down, the Pacific Northwest road trip was my favorite memory of 2015. Getting featured on Our Best Finds, living in CA, seeing S graduate boot camp, and being married for a year were all great highlights as well. 
  • What did you accomplish or complete this year?
    • The scariest and most thrilling accomplishment was opening an Etsy shop! I am so thankful for S, his support, and great advice. 
  • Did you overcome any obstacles or mental blocks this year?
    • Learning how to list, promote, sell, and ship items were all obstacles that I had to overcome and I am still figuring it out!  
  • What did you learn about yourself after all that happened in 2015?
    • I take most things too personal. I let numbers define my success. I am too hard on myself. I plan to work on these throughout 2016. 
    • I am resilient. I adapt to change much better than previous seasons of life. I can run a business and make it successful! I have made a plan to continue to grow in 2016!