First Comes Love, Then Comes Business

Our Etsy shop is open! It was so encouraging to hear kind words from friends and family those first few days. The support has been vital in keeping me going and creating new things. S has been an amazing business partner and teacher. He is constantly giving great advice and took the time to teach me how to use his complicated camera. 

Our tagline is currently: Fill Your Home With Adventure

I want to take a minute and explain what this means to S and I. A big part of our marriage is finding opportunities to try new things, make the best of the situation that we sometimes have no control over, and enjoying the everyday adventures that a marriage brings. When we are creating new items for you and your home, we are also imagining how it could be used, bring you joy, and invite the outdoors inside to be enjoyed by all who enter. 

I hope you'll take a look around our shop and maybe even find something that speaks to you!