From SC to CA

My mom, Eli, and I drove to my new home in Monterey starting Saturday, May 23. It was a fun-filled adventure and we didn't even want to throw the other out of the car! Here's a breakdown of our eats, tourist-y stuff, and some places we saw along the way. 

Day 1

  • Rock Hill, SC - Whoo hoo! We left! Now what?
  • Nashville, TN - I was so shocked by this small town. Dave Barnes lives here?! I was expecting some big honkytonk grand entrance, but no. It almost reminded me of the Thrill. 
  • Memphis, TN - Well, hello there, ELVIS EVERYTHING. If I was a foreigner, I would be so confused as to why this guy was all over the town. Although, it was neat seeing the gate to Graceland and the Lisa Marie aircraft. We ate at Marlowe's and it was fried food heaven. 
  • Little Rock, AK - So apparently, Arkansas has one "big" town and we went right on through it. The hotel clerk said the bugs hadn't gotten bad until that day. Don't blame these swarms on me, lady. It was rainy and there were flood warnings in effect. I was not a fan of this state, or town, at all. 

Day 2

  • Oklahoma - Pretty boring place to drive through but I caught sight of my first wind turbine and that was very cool.
  • Amarillo, TX - I can't speak much for the town, but the Cadillac Ranch on the outskirts was awesome. I'm so glad we stopped to spray paint our names on the side of some old Caddies. It was pretty muddy from all of the rain but well worth the mess. 
  • Albuquerque, NM - I was not expecting this town to be so sprawled out and huuuuuugeee. The lights from houses and businesses seemed to go on forever. I wish we would've had time to stop at two Breaking Bad film locations before the sun went down but we arrived too late. 

Day 3

  • Albuquerque, NM - When we woke up, we saw hot air balloons on the horizon. I thought we were going to drive near them but we didn't. Bummer. But oh buddy was I glad to be out of Texas when I watched the news while eating breakfast. In addition to floods, there were tornadoes and bad storms. We barely missed it and I was so grateful.
  • The rest of New Mexico - If you have to pee, you better go when you can because there's a whole lotta nothing but the views are gawwwgeous. 
  • Flagstaff, AZ - Love at first sight is a thing. I adored Arizona's landscape and Flagstaff had me at hello. We were clearly tourists in this town because everyone else had on rain gear, hats, pants, and boots, and we were wearing shorts and short sleeves. We might as well have had a marquee over our heads. Oops. We ate at Bigfoot BBQ for one specific reason. My driven path and S's cycle path (from two years ago) crossed at one point - Flagstaff. He had eaten at Bigfoot due to recommendations from his friends and I'm so glad Geoff remembered (S definitely did not) the name so that we could try it as well. We did some shopping and exploring, because this place was too cute not to, and then headed on down the mountain. I'm so glad I got to experience Flagstaff! 
  • California - Whoo hoo! We made it! Now 6 more hours?! I've watched Parenthood and have heard Bakersfield mentioned a time or two so I thought it would be some cool place. Ummm, no. Boring-ville. Much like the rest of Cali that we saw. But again, the views were nice and the turbines were neat. 
  • Monterey County, CA - Alrighty, let's play car games because we are delirious and almost there. Wait. How do we still have two hours and we are in Monterey county?!
  • Monterey, CA - WE. DID. IT! We missed the three-day mark by a few minutes arriving around 12:15 a.m. Tuesday morning. It was difficult to fall asleep because I was so excited to see S and explore my new city the next day. Thanks again, Mom, for taking that trek on with me! It was so fun and something I will always treasure!