Hello 2016!

Hey friends! It's been awhile! I have been spending a lot of time revamping the shop and making a plan for the year and decided I couldn't just leave the blog "as is" when everything else is getting a facelift. You'll be seeing a lot of changes in the near future. Whooo hooo! 

Here's a little update on life...

  • We have been in Florida for a few months. It's...Florida. Though the location is not ideal, we have made friends and been able to spend more time together than we did in Monterey. Plus S is enjoying the coursework here much more. 
  • Etsy has become a very rewarding and exhausting part-time job. The holiday season was a huge success and I am really looking forward to expanding this year!
  • We were able to spend Christmas with our families, which we didn't think we would be able to do this year. 

We are so incredibly excited about 2016 for many reasons:

  • I am currently working through Your Best Year 2016 by Lisa Jacobs. If you have a creative business this book will be the best money you will spend. Hands down. Get it here! I am making big goals and big plans for the year! 
  • S has more time so he is back to training for races and events. He is happier when he is being challenged. 
  • In May we will be moving again! I am so eager for S to get his first duty station.

Thanks for joining us in this adventure and I hope you'll be back soon to see the new changes!