It's Almost Here!

We have ELEVEN days until graduation! I get to see my husband THIS month! I've been getting a lot done in preparation for the big day and a potential move. When I look back over the last eight weeks, I can't believe how much has changed and how slowly, then quickly, it went by. 

The day after graduation, S will fly to Monterey, California, where he will attend A-school. This school is very intense and time-consuming. I will be learning a new language along with him and we will spend a lot of our time studying. During this time, we will have every weekend to explore! I am beyond ecstatic for this because since we met, we have always had weekend jobs. Hello road trips, state parks, trails, farmers markets and CRAFTS WITH S! Ahem, I mean man projects. With wood. And beer. And meat. Rub some dirt in it. 

We are currently trying to decide if we are going to sell both of our cars so that I could fly out there, or ship my car and fly, or I could drive by myself - which I'm really not a fan of. I AM excited that I don't have to pack up everything by myself. Thank you, Navy, for that!