We Have a Table

Now to any ordinary person, this may sound like mundane news but S and I have never had a dining table. We did not feel the need for it or wanted to use our space for other things (bikes) instead.

S is in an empty townhouse with an air mattress for another month until I get there. Then it will be three more weeks before our furniture is delivered.  He desperately needed a table for studying and homework. After a little Craigslist searching, I found the perfect table at an even better price. WIthin 15 minutes, he had it delivered to our house - after telling me people on Craigslist don't deliver, might I add. Humph. 

It's beautiful and perfect and I cannot wait to get there so I can put some fresh flowers on it and enjoy eating delicious food around it with the hubs. Cheers to another ordinary but exciting milestone.