Goals: The Necessity and the Terror

Since reading Your Best Year by Lisa Jacobs and completing the workbook, I am obsessed with setting goals. I look forward to my monthly and quarterly reviews and planning. It's so refreshing to see where I’ve been and make great, big leaps into the future. The downfall: I like to keep my goals to myself.

In January, I set an "If I Could Not Fail" goal to be a West Elm local maker and have my items carried in one of their stores by December 2016. I didn't share it with many people because what if I failed? What if I posted it on Instagram and it never happened? That would be mortifying. Even the few family and friends I did tell were a little "ehhhhh" about it. I understood - it was a lofty goal. 

Fast forward to March. I emailed West Elm New Orleans (the closet one) about scheduling a pop-up. They got back to me and set it up for April 10th. I was ecstatic! How was this even happening?! At that time, the Navy would not allow Shaun to travel to New Orleans so my mom graciously came down to make the trek with me. Even though it wasn't an especially fruitful event, I was overjoyed to have my foot in the door. 

During our move to Maryland, West Elm held an open call for makers and I knew this was the perfect timing for me to run towards my goal at full speed. In a whirlwind, I was contacted for an interview, accepted for a pop-up, and scheduled for the next month. The event was the best one to date! It refreshed my spirit and gave me hope that I would thrive in Maryland.

While I wait to hear back from corporate (and deflate the longer it gets), I have realized the importance of transparency and how vital it is to share our goals as creatives and as humans.  As an extrovert, my skin feels tight trying to hold it in. I want to declare my joy but then fear strikes. “No one cares.” “They will laugh if you crash and burn.” “You can’t achieve this.” But seriously, what is the worst that can happen? An unfinished goal because someone said “no.” Call it failure if you will, but I refuse. Even if the goal isn’t completed, you were not stagnant. You moved in some way, even if not exactly where you wanted to be. A little progress (or a lot) is always better than none.  The quote, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” is so cliché but also extremely enlightening. There’s a huge black hole in our galaxy that could literally swallow us up at any moment so why not imagine the craziest thing you can think of and go for it? Scientific YOLO.

My current “If I Could Not Fail” goal for July 2017 is to have Morrison Makers carried in all fifty states. That’s gaining one new wholesale store in one new state each week. It’s a doozie – I know. This endeavor started off strong and I’m hopeful that I can accomplish this by next summer. And if not, I still gained a lot of wholesalers and I’ll be proud of the states that I colored in on my map, the pitching lessons that I learned, and the reminder that life will go on...even if we are about to be sucked into a black hole.