Goals: Update

Previously on the Morrison Makers blog...Kaitlyn set an "If I Could Not Fail" goal to be a West Elm Local Maker by December 2016. (In Grey's Anatomy voice over.)

Guess what? By November, I was delivering orders to TWO West Elm locations - Logan Circle and Union Market! 

While filling out the extensive paperwork, it all still felt so surreal. I've looked up to The Vintage Vogue and Foxwood Co. since before moving to Maryland. Knowing my items will be sitting right beside theirs makes me feel like what I'm doing matters and this ain't the time to feel small and shy no more. (Mini southern pep talk to myself.)

In addition to being carried in two stores, I was offered the AMAZING opportunity to be an artist-in-residence at Lab 1270 which is a part of Union Market. For six weeks, I will have a space in the West Elm pop-up to create, teach workshops, and talk to the community about my creative process. Not to mention, Union Market food for six weeks. What up no money or pants that fit! 

Excited is an understatement. This is literally my dream come true and I can't wait to fill you in along the way!