We're Married!

We've officially been Mr. and Mrs. for nine days. Our house is still a wreck from the pre-wedding crafting and packing whirlwind and S wants me to mention copulation in here somewhere. So there's that. We were talking during our numerous hours of driving (aka sleeping for me) this past week and we decided that we need a "thing." A hobby, nay discipline (thank you Nick Offerman), as a couple. We have been a great pair in our wedding endeavors and my mom even mistook one of my "Shaun-please-make-this-arrow-thing-for-me" as a Hobby Lobby find.  I can hear two-years ago S laughing at me for making wreaths and crafting like a grandma. The joke turned on him the moment I decided we needed a legitimate non-college coffee table and showed him a few ideas from my crafting bible, affectionately known as Pinterest.  He now finds any reason to go to Lowe's and mull around in the wood and stain departments. I am beginning to think he may leave me for those 2x4's. We really enjoyed making Christmas gifts for our families this year, so here we are; blogging, crafting, and creating together.

Now for the highlight reel from our big day. S enjoyed every second of it and once K got past minor details, she did too.