First comes love, then comes business.

After a college romance, Shaun's bicycle tour across America, Kaitlyn's first years of teaching, a proposal for the books, a unique winter wedding, a quick adjustment to military life, and a cross-country move, Morrison Makers was born. 

Shaun and Kaitlyn met, fell in love, and became husband and wife in South Carolina. After Shaun graduated from Navy bootcamp, Kaitlyn moved to be with him in Monterey, California. The culmination of too much HGTV, an addiction to Pinterest, a need to create, yet so little space, Shaun encouraged Kaitlyn to sell her work. With his business-minded brain, impeccable sales skills, and objective opinions combined with her creative designs, organizational obsession, and boxes (upon boxes) of materials waiting to be molded, the dream team united. After a few months, it was time to relocate to Florida where MM really took off and a brand began to take shape. Shaun and Kaitlyn now reside in Maryland and are continuing to grow Morrison Makers. 

When we are not at our day jobs or collaborating on MM, you can typically find us watching Netflix, working on projects on the deck, or upcycling things we find on the side of the road. We affectionately call ourselves "the garbage family" while we pile discarded items into our Subaru.

Morrison Makers creates minimal, modern décor for your dwelling. Overall, we strive to design products that incite joy and are simple yet stunning additions to the home. We also make a conscious effort to source materials responsibly and work with other artisans to bring you 100% handmade items.